Retain Funding for Public Pennsylvania Colleges

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For many years The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and its public universities have had a great relationship. Because of the continued support of the state through funding, public institutions have been able to offer a significantly discounted in-state tuition rate which attracts many, including those who are disadvantaged financially yet still wish to pursue higher education. Each year it becomes increasingly more difficult for these institutions to maintain the level of funding necessary to provide this opportunity, which they receive from the state government. Unfortunately, that vital funding has been stalled because of recent disagreements and is at risk of not being provided. This lack of funding will make college less affordable for nearly 300,000 students. On top of tuition increasing, activities and academic programs would be drastically cut to compensate for the loss of revenue. Some institutions are even at risk for being shut down. College is a place where people go in hopes of exceeding their potential, to become educated in a field that they truly enjoy. This is certainly an uphill battle against the state government, but I believe with strength in numbers, we as advocates of the education system can keep the dreams of many in our community afloat. Please help us spread awareness, and thank you sincerely for any and all support.



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