North Penn School District Response to Terroristic Threats

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On December 13th, 2019 an 8th grade student at Pennfield Middle School threatened to "shoot up" the school.  This is the student's 2nd terroristic threat against the school, which included a list of students identified by the 8th grader. 

As concerned parents and community members, we are demanding that the following actions occur, in an effort to ensure the safety and emotional wellbeing of our children and the staff of the North Penn School District:

  • Criminal prosecution of the identified student, based on repeated terroristic threats against Pennfield Middle School.
  • Permanent expulsion of the identified student from the North Penn School District.   
  • Revision of the 2020 North Penn School District Secondary Disciplinary Structure Code of Conduct related to Level IV misconduct, to identify permanent expulsion and criminal prosecution as an explicit response to terroristic threats 

In Pennsylvania, terroristic threats are considered a criminal offense, as defined by 18 Pa.C.S.A. 2706 (

In September of 2019, a teenager in Luzerne County, PA was prosecuted and found guilty after making a similar terroristic threat against his school.  ( 

The North Penn School District, PA Department of Education and Montgomery County Judicial System must take drastic preventative measures to protect innocent students and staff and to deter future threats of this nature.