Indonesian Local Fruits at the Edge of Extinction

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This petition is proudly made by Efarrell L. P. S., Fransisca K., Joshindu L., Joshua A. L., Justin S., student of 9 Isaiah, Saint John Catholic School BSD from our collective concern and love for the preservation of our local fruit.


Written by Efarrell L. P. S.

Our country, Indonesia, has a lot of fruits. Different kinds of fruits and different variations are spread all over the islands. Since it can only be found here in Indonesia we need to preserve it. Once it is extinct, we won’t be able to find it in other countries. Our country is known for the different and many cultures we have. Our local fruit is also a part of our culture, if we lose it it’s like losing a part of our culture. Some of the examples of Indonesian local fruits are are salak (snake fruit), manggis (mangosteen), rambutan, and many more.

The Problem

Written by Fransisca K.

The World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has set the ideal level of fruit and vegetable consumption at 65.75 kilograms per capita per year. In 2014, Indonesians only consumed 40 kilograms of fruit and vegetables per capita per year or 91 grams per day.

It is sad because Indonesia is known as a fruit producer. Not only that, the potential for fruits in Indonesia is still very large. Not to mention the fertility and the tropical climate of Indonesia which grows endemic fruits that cannot be cultivated in other regions.

Apart from the problem of low fruit consumption, local fruit must face a precarious situation. From poor handling after harvest, the people’s mindset towards local fruit, to the invasion of imported fruit. “In fact, local Indonesian oranges such as Medan oranges or Sambas oranges are good, delicious, and not inferior to imported fruits,” said Said Didu, a local fruit activist.

Because of the lack of interest and awareness of Indonesian people towards local fruits, farmers stop planting them, since they know they won’t make money out of it, and local fruits will start to decline in population and even extinct, if this problem is not solved in the near future, since no one wants to plant and eat them.

The Impact

Written by Joshindu L.

This problem could affect the people in the traditional market to lose their jobs and they probably couldn’t afford to eat for a day. Not only that, farmers would not gain any profit which gives them a lot of loss and even lose their job. The country also has a big impact on this problem such as Indonesia’s economy going down and Indonesia will have a big loss because of it. Lastly, the citizens of Indonesia might not achieve the best diet and have a healthy body because they lack eating fruits.

If this problem continues in the near future, it could cause extinction in Indonesian’s local fruits and many people will fall sick because of the lack of eating fruits. Furthermore, if Indonesia’s local fruits are replaced with imported ones, people living in rural areas could not enjoy it because they could not afford it.

Our Suggestion

Written by Joshua A. L.

And so, because of all the reasons above, we have come up with a few solutions in order to fix the problems we have stated. One suggestion we have is that local fruits and vegetables aren’t only used raw, but also slipped into casual foods and beverages. This is so that while people keep having thoughts about local fruits being easily rotten, or its flavor not being up to par, having it slip into foods and beverages we consume every day may have them unnoticed that they are actually buying and consuming local fruits we make. Another suggestion we had was to hold a sort of fruit festival that hosts local fruits and vegetables so that the locals can try them and enjoy them together. This is will increase local fruit usage and can also work as a morale booster for people, it might even change their minds on local fruits.


Written by Justin S.

In conclusion, let's all work our minds out to preserve our local, Indonesia, fruits from extinction. It requires dedication and hard work to do it, but we believe we can if we want to. We must be able to follow the trend and be innovative, especially nowadays where food trends are drastically changing. By this, we can also help the farmers and increase their income. So, it will be a win-win solution, where farmers will gain more income, we will be healthy, and even may be known worldwide for its originality from Indonesia, too. It might also impact our country’s economy in terms of foods and beverages consumption where foreign companies might seek an opportunity to invest and support Indonesian agriculture as they seek found out that local fruits are highly in demand in Indonesia.

From that, we would like to ask your help to stop this problem by using your voices to sign this petition. This petition aims to increase government and people’s awareness of the importance and impact of not preserving local fruits. If you want our local fruits to have the future they deserve, join, and help us. We also invite the Indonesian government to help and support this petition to stop local fruits from extinction.