Pelham NY Residents Against a Proposed Cell Tower at Exit 7 of the Hutch

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We the people/residents of Pelham Manor & the Village of Pelham steadfastly oppose the placement of a Mono pole (aka a cell Tower) at exit 7 of the Hutchinson Parkway for the following reasons:

1) at 120ft tall, a mono pole will be a constant eye sore in a town where nothing is even remotely that tall

2) Much of the Pelham housing stock dates to before WWII and even WWI, and it would not be in concert with the aesthetic of our beautiful community to have this stick out like a sore thumb and will directly impact our home values - many people have poured their sweat and life into their homes, and a negative depreciation of their value would be very hurtful

3) It is Verizon that is pushing for this mono pole when several other mono poles exist in the vicinity that already cover Pelham, such as by the UPS store by Fairway in the commercial district of Pelham Manor

4) Crown & NYS DOT are relying solely on a Verizon study and request to build this new mono pole and NYS does not independently verify the need for such additional mono poles

5) Crown was extremely vague in details, and nothing was state specifically to Pelham with regards to local or state agencies requiring additional capacity, nor was any demonstrable need for coverage provided

6) With changing technology to 5G, mono poles are becoming relics of modern technology: according to many experts and a recent CBS New reporting, 5G uses high-frequency waves to support faster speeds so instead of relying on larger cell towers/mono poles, they need smaller cell sites that are much closer together.  ( )

7) When residents and local trustees of Pelham Manor raised health concerns, Crown basically brushed off the concern, hiding behind FCC regulations that dont really require health concerns to be taken into account and relying on industry "self-enforcement"  - this is not the standard those of us in Pelham live by when it comes to a mono pole


For those reasons and more we, the community of Pelham, oppose the construction of a mono pole/cell tower at Exit 7 of the Hutchinson Parkway on State Property.  We strongly urge the State to move such consideration for a cell tower to be placed elsewhere, 500 yards away, at exit 6 of the Hutch, which connects with I-95, which is not a residential community.

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