#JusticeForSylviaMaposa - Unarmed Civilian Killed Unlawfully

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Sylvia Maposa was one of many unarmed civilians who were shot dead by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces in Harare, Zimbabwe  yesterday (01/08/18) - she was not a protester and she was not a threat - Sylvia was unarmed! 

Whilst she was locking up her shop in the Central Business District the army stormed onto the streets and started assaulting civilians, beating them and shooting at random. Sylvia attempted to escape the melee to go home but she was shot in the back as she ran towards her car. 

Sylvia was someone’s mother. Sylvia was someone’s aunt. Sylvia was someone’s friend. Sylvia was a Zimbabwean. Sylvia was just an innocent woman caught in the crossfire whilst trying to get home from work to her family.

Why can’t our nation have peace? How many more of us will be killed in this political warfare? Our brothers and sisters cannot become collateral damage. Our brothers and sisters cannot become just another statistic.

Someone must take responsibility for this lawless killing. Someone must be held accountable for the senseless actions of the army. Someone must be held to account for her murder! 

We want #JusticeForSylviaMaposa

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