Petition for Full Marriage Equality in New Jersey

Petition for Full Marriage Equality in New Jersey

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In New Jersey USA adult consensual incest (ACI)  is not illegal, but because CIAO people (Consensual Adult Incest Oriented people)  are not allowed to  marry, they are not entitled to the same advantages and benefits of marriage that other people have. They  are thus being  discriminated against. They are thus deprived of  equal  rights under the law, (there is a human right to marriage)  and may be , objectively and subjectively subjects of  state incestophobia, institutionalized bigotry and hatred.They and their children may be subjected to  abuse and stigmatized merely because they are being treated differently by the law. This, like state-sanctioned homophobic abuse in the past is not acceptable in a modern secular state. Full Marriage Equality in NJ will ensure that  'everyone in NJ has the right to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any and all consenting adult(s) of their choice, regardless of birth or sexual orientation.' The law needs to be changed to allow CIAO people to marry.

Just as  'Lawrence' means that adult consensual incest must be decriminalized (Bergelson p 53 Crim Law and Philo (2013) 7:43-59), in those states where it is illegal, so, ipso facto  CIAO marriage must be  legalized in NJ.

Thus I hereby  request the assistance of the Attorney General in reforming the relevant statutes in NJ making it  possible for  CIAO people to marry and make progress towards Full Marriage Equality.

( Note: FME  also needs to incorporate the rights  of polyamorous people to marriage - something which is legal in most of the Muslim  world, and was legal in most of recorded Jewish and Chinese  history. Such marriages are legal in  Australia if they have been legally entered into elsewhere.  Thus there is no rational reason  to forbid polyamorous  marriage for one's own citizens in a multi-cultural society.