Stop Nord Stream 2

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Stop Nord Stream 2.

Since its inception, the Nord Stream 2 project has raised many questions and concerns among environmental advocates and members of civil society in Europe and Russia. International environmental organizations such as Greenpeace, Bellona, the World Wildlife Fund, and other independent NGOs have warned of the project’s threats to the environment, but expert opinions have been ignored, as were environmental regulations.

We, independent climate and environmental activists from Russia and EU appeal to the governments and parliaments of Germany and Russia with the following demand – stop the Nord Stream 2 project for the below reasons:

- It threatens natural areas on land and in the waters of the Baltic Sea; 

- It completely ignores Russian environmental laws and therefore threatens the ecological balance of the entire Baltic Sea basin;

- It destroys an important part of a unique natural area in Russia – the Kurgalsky Nature Reserve; 

At this moment, the environmental impact assessment for the Nord Stream 2 project does not account for the damage inflicted on the Kurgalsky Nature Reserve.  

- It furthers an increase in greenhouse gas emissions due to increased methane emissions during gas production and transport (Gazprom is a leader in methane emissions and has ignored requirements to improve its gas production and transmission processes for many years).

In addition to its threats to the environment, this project also raises concerns from an economic point of view; it stands out due to significant corruption, about which relevant data can be found in the report¹. The decision-making process for Nord Stream 2’s construction was not open and public. There was no public discussion, and the real public opinion of our countries was not taken into account. Thus, this project furthers the perverse practice of corporations making undemocratic decisions and posing a threat to the natural environment and our environmental safety.

We believe that from all perspectives, this project is extremely harmful to Europe and Russia. A comprehensive, independent expert examination of the project’s compliance with international conventions must be carried out alongside an assessment of the environmental threats it poses to all Baltic Sea countries, as well as a public discussion of the global risks and threats posed by its construction on an international level.

Therefore, we demand that the governments and parliaments of Germany and Russia, as well as the companies Gazprom, Wintershall, and Uniper, halt their participation in this project and undertake all measures to assess its risks and threats, ensure public discussion of the assessment’s results, and only then make a final determination based on a thorough assessment and discourse.