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Remove Family Court of Australia from Medical Decisions for Trans Teens. Legislate Now!

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The involvement of the Family Court in the medical decisions of transgender teens is actually harming those children it is supposed to protect. Having to go to court is costly, time consuming and stressful for trans teens and their families. It is totally unnecessary as the court base their decisions entirely on the expert submissions of the child's treating clinicians. No application has ever been refused.

The court has nothing to offer which is of benefit to kids like me. In fact, it does the opposite. It makes us feel like there is something wrong with us or with our family, it delays the treatment which is appropriate for us and that we desperately want and need to live our lives happily. It causes enormous distress and can make kids more vulnerable emotionally making many so unhappy they self harm or attempt suicide. Those who cannot afford to go to court cannot access the medical treatment that is their right or they access hormones illegally which may have devastating health consequences.

The law that is meant to protect trans teens is harming us! Trans teens human rights are not being protected or upheld. Kids have a right to access the appropriate medical treatment and in the time required to have the best medical outcomes. We need to change this now and save the lives of kids like me.

I know how hard life can be for a trans kid. I've been through the court process and my family and I have changed the law partially. You can watch our journey on Australian Story HERE. Please help me to remove the court altogether and let trans teens receive their treatment when it is clinically appropriate. The only people who should be part of this decision are the medical specialists, the parents and most importantly the teenager themselves.

We can change this law if we all work together and pressure the Government to table legislation in Parliament. We encourage politicians from across all the different parties to support this legislation and save the lives of kids like me, who just want to get on with our lives, to be happy and free to be ourselves.

Join me in my campaign. We can do it! I am going to present this petition to the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten and the Leader of the Greens Richard Di Natale. I am calling on all parties to show bipartisan support to get this done.

You can help me by signing this petition and adding your voice to my cause. Together we can save lives!

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Thank you. Georgie Stone 

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