To lower/postpone the rent in Park City' apartment complexes until the quarantine is over.

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Due to the coronavirus, many people in the community Park City have been laid off from work and are not going to be able to pay for rent during the quarantine. Federal aid is being provided to those who are citizens. However, the community has a large portion of undocumented immigrants who won't receive the aid despite their tax contributions. Thanks to the efforts of Governor Herbert, Utahns will not be evicted from their homes until May. This plan is good in the short term, however, job security after this incident is not guaranteed, and because of that, it would be unfair for rent to keep its constant rate. The Park City Latinx community has been lucky enough to have received continuous help from the community at large. There is a high possibility that this virus will last longer than what people anticipate. In these unprecedented times, it is hard to figure out what will happen in the future. With that being said, we ask for the landlords in our community to be understanding of limited means to our financial stability and reduce the price of rent to an appropriate amount.