Face-to-Face Learning for Royal Oak Schools

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Our children need to be back in the classroom. 

Many local districts have begun the transition back to the classroom in some capacity. It is time for Royal Oak to move forward with a face-to-face plan.

Royal Oak District efforts thus far have been commendable, but they in no way replace the classroom experience. Virtual learning has taken a significant toll on our families, as I am sure it has on many of yours.  Our children have always loved learning and were thriving in school.  It is difficult to see that is no longer the case. Not for lack of trying, as the teachers have gone above and beyond; providing materials, consistent live instruction, and individual help as needed. However, under the constraints of unreliable connections, faulty technology, and screen fatigue, learning is minimal.

Safety is undoubtedly a concern. However, with sports, other local districts, and private schools finding a way to bring children together in a safe way, we have faith that Royal Oak Schools can do the same. 

As parents, we have concerns with continued virtual learning.  We are urging The District and Board of Education to begin the process of bringing our children back into the classrooms earlier than the original November start date. 

Please sign in support, and pass along to other stakeholders within our district! 

Thank you!