Can we let it happen? - A Petition asking for a new Live DVD / Blu-ray from Paramore

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In 2008, the American rock band Paramore released "The Final Riot!" - a live album (available on CD, DVD and Blu-ray) containing a full concert, filmed in Chicago. This is the band's only official, live DVD / Blu-ray to date, so a lot of Fans have been hoping, that someday, a newer live show could be released. Over the last few years, some of the band's shows were professionally filmed, but ultimately, it wasn't possible to release any of them officially. This is why - especially for the Fans - I decided to start a non-profit petition called "Can we let it happen?". The name of the project is inspired by the line "Got to let it happen", which is taken from Paramore's song "Last Hope" (released in 2013). The main goal of the petition is to show, how wonderful it would be, if one of the band's future concerts (in support of the band's long-awaited fifth studio album, "After Laughter") could be professionally filmed and officially released on DVD, or on Blu-ray - just like "The Final Riot!", many years ago. I'm absolutely aware, that this little wish may be (quoting the aforementioned song "Last Hope") "just a spark" and that it has to come a very long way to see, if it could be fulfilled... ..., but I believe that - as the lyrics of the song "Looking Up" say - "it's worth fighting for"!

On the 29th of June, 2017, at the Open Air Arena in Vienna, Austria, I got to see Paramore live in concert for the very first time and I was so lucky to sing the bridge of the song "Misery Business" on stage! Also, I got to meet and talk to the Band Members after the show! During our conversation, I introduced the "Can we let it happen?" petition to the Band - this has become our biggest milestone yet! All of these magical moments were my wildest dreams and I'm still really grateful to fate for making them come true. The entire Paramore and Their wonderful Music have influenced me so much...

So, Paramore already know about this project... ..., but we still need Your help in trying to make the dream of a new Live DVD / Blu-ray a reality! I genuinely hope, that this project (and the idea behind it) could make fellow Paramore Fans happy.

Thank You for Your attention and (in advance) for all Your support! -

Wiktor from Poland, a Paramore fan since 2013