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Address Motion Issues on Panasonic's Premium OLED TVs

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 In June 2017, Panasonic launched their new ‘EZ’ series of premium OLED televisions, finally allowing their brand-loyal users an upgrade path from the company’s plasma televisions. Whilst displaying superb detail and outstanding colour rendition, it soon became obvious to users that there were serious problems with the motion rendering on these OLED televisions.

 Instead of continuous motion, pictures occasionally stutter, as if a frame is missing or has been repeated. The issue is worse on darker and lower definition material and is completely repeatable. Although present on both off-air receivers, the internal streaming apps (Netflix etc) and via external video connections, the problem is most apparent on 50Hz content, particularly 25P material such as feature films and drama series. Many users complain of unnatural motion during head turns and other human movement to which the brain is extremely sensitive.

 Several users discovered that engaging either Game Mode or Pure Direct appears to completely mitigate the problem on external 50Hz sources, which at least offers a solution for viewing off-air material via services such as Sky and Virgin. However, this offers no solution for internal receivers and streaming apps. In addition, engaging either Film Mode or Pure Direct on a 24P source causes the screen to display the input as if presented at 60P with embedded 3:2 pulldown judder, which totally defeats Pure Direct’s alleged ability to “reproduce the original image quality in detail”. This fundamentally breaks the major advantage of 24P video, which allows film material to be displayed with its original frame integrity.

 Panasonic has fiercely brand-loyal userbase due to the excellence of their previous plasma television ranges. However, this loyalty is being severely stressed by these issues with their premium OLED range.

 We appeal to Panasonic to investigate the underlying cause of these problems and to provide solutions to them.

  • Fix the motion stutter problem or provide a menu switch to allow the faulty processing to be bypassed for all internal and external sources in the same way that it is bypassed for Game Mode and Pure Direct. We recognise that this may be at the expense of losing ‘enhancement’ features such as Intelligent Frame Creation, but as most serious users turn these off anyway, we feel this is a small price to pay.
  •  Fix Pure Direct and Game Mode so that 24P inputs are rendered out preserving original frame integrity without 3:2 pulldown judder.


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