Justice for Antonia Barra

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This is the storie of Antonia Barra published by BBC news Brazil:

"On the morning of September 18, 2019, Antonia Barra woke up in a tourist accommodation in Pucón, in southern Chile. Pradenas was lying on it. After shouting at him to leave, she dressed and left.

She had traveled to the city with a friend, Consuelo, and her boyfriend, with whom Antonia went to a nightclub. There, the siege of Pradenas, recorded on the security cameras, began.

The text and audio messages that the young woman sent to several friends on WhatsApp, later published by the Public Ministry, help to tell her story.

In them, she says that she was raped by Pradenas and that she did not want to report him for fear of her parents' reaction.

Antonia was silent until October 12, 2019. That day, she called her ex-boyfriend, Rodrigo Canario, and told her about the sexual assault she had suffered. He insulted her, recorded the call and forwarded it to other people.

A day later, she sent him a farewell message. Then she killed herself."

After this, Pradenas is under house arrest, after raped her and other 4 girls, we have to change this, in this pandemic situation, hundreds of Chilean women went to the streets to make Antonia Barra justice with the phrase " a rapist on your way", let's do our part too and together we can make Antonia's death not be in vain.