Beloved family pets given up for adoption and no one is doing anything! INVESTIGATION NOW!

Beloved family pets given up for adoption and no one is doing anything! INVESTIGATION NOW!

December 2, 2020
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Started by Silvia A.

Our beloved family pets, Grayson and Liza, were illegally kidnapped by our landlord who took them to a shelter because she had sold the house without our knowledge and wanted to push us out. 

There is an outstanding investigation against her and her family for trespassing, theft, harassment and stalking.

But our main worry is our beloved Grayson and Liza, because this story only gets worse. 

The Slokas shelter illegally gave our cats up for adoption.

FACT: On August 28th, my husband went to the shelter to pick them up only to be verbally and physically attacked by the shelter caretaker after questioning the adoption after being told the news.

FACT: This same day we called Oskars, the shelter admin over 20 times, only to be insulted and hung up on.

FACT: The following day, August 29th, I went to the shelter and was able to go inside claiming I was looking to adopt. After about a half an hour looking around, I told the caretaker whom I knew by description (he was missing teeth) had attacked my hubby the day before who I was. He immediately got nervous. I sat down in the cat room.

In a period of four hours of me sitting there,

1. I was verbally abused and discriminated against for being an expat by a shelter worker saying that if I don't know Latvian or Russian, I have no business in Latvia. 

2. Oskars refused to come meet me after numerous calls from volunteers.

3. A volunteer told me she met my sweet cats, and that they were given for adoption a couple of weeks prior. THIS IS ON VIDEO.

4. After the shelter closed and me refusing to leave until Oskars agreed to meet me, the shelter caretaker called the police. 

5. Two policemen showed up, one of whom spoke English. He told me that I needed to hire a lawyer due to the European Data Protection Law, as this would be the only way to get contact information for the person who adopted my cats, after the shelter caretaker admitted to him (the police) that they were given up for adoption TOGETHER. One person / family has our cats. THE ENTIRE CONVERSATION WITH THE POLICE IS ON VIDEO. I left peacefully. 

FACT: We hired a lawyer and visited the shelter with him on September 7th. First a shelter administrator closed the door in our faces, and Oskars, whom our lawyer called refused to come meet us until the lawyer said he was going to file a claim. He met us two and a half ours later. Oskars admitted to the lawyer he gave them up for adoption, but refused to give any information regarding the new "owners". We believe he knew he messed up and would get in trouble / fined. 

A claim was filed with the Food & Vet Administration and a separate one with the city of Jūrmala where the shelter is located. 

Then things got real troubling.

We received a letter from the Food & Vet Administration stating they performed an investigation and that Oskars had retracted his story, saying now that the cats were never given up for adoption, but rather, dead. We believe once again, this was done to avoid any further trouble or fines.

The letter was full of inconsistencies, most noticeable the dates Oskars claims the cats died in comparison to when the shelter volunteer and caretaker said they were adopted and because they were telling us during these dates when we called that they were doing good. Also noticeable is that Oskars claimed to have taken the cats to the vet to get checked out stating Grayson, a Scottish Fold, as a 3 year old cat, when no veterinary would sign off on that, as he was in fact, nine months old. He also claimed the cats were taken to a crematory. I visited this crematory, and the owner claims he burns dozens of cats a month, and that he never saw them, that he just sees bags, completely invalidating that proof

I am probably putting a price on my head by this next tidbit, but it is a common practice in Latvia to falsify documents by throwing a few bucks at someone. I feel in my heart this is what Oskars did in order to get us off his back. Oskars also has ties to the police. It's going to sound like a conspiracy theory, but unfortunately it's not. Tons of police are crooked, and people who know them think they're above the law. Oskars probably thought, "cats are dead, I can't get in trouble." 

We just want our cats, our fur babies - OUR FAMILY - back in their rightful home. 


We ask the Food & Drug Administration and the City of Jūrmala to conduct a PROPER investigation, question whoever they need to, and get our cats back. Do not let this pass. Show us there CAN be justice in Latvia! 









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Signatures: 718Next Goal: 1,000
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