To Obtain Traffic Regulation Order to Ban HGVs who short-cut through Henley-on-Thames

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Over many years, Henley Town Council have been looking at ways to reduce the number of HGVs who make short-cuts through the town and have been asking Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) to apply for a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to ban vehicles over 7.5 tonnes.

There has been a marked increase year on year in the volume of HGVs driving through Henley since the last published traffic survey in 2013.

HGVs with a legitimate reason to deliver or collect in Henley or within a 10 mile radius would be given a permit under the TRO.

It is inappropriate for HGVs to use Henley as a cut through, because of the ancient layout of the roads with their narrow pavements and sharp turns.  Lorries are often seen mounting the pavements where pedestrians are walking. 

The most important reason for banning HGVs is the air pollution they discharge.  It is well researched that air pollution can cause asthma or even worse premature death.  

Town residents also live with the constant vibration and noise from HGVs passing through and damage to their timber framed listed homes.

If we want to keep Henley as a thriving town which residents and visitors alike want to use and support, we must stop these HGVs strangling it. If you feel strongly please sign.

The Henley Herald is working with and supporting the work by resident Amanda Chumas.