Add the Vyse masks from PD:TH to Payday 2

Add the Vyse masks from PD:TH to Payday 2

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UPDATE! We have recently found out OVERKILL/Starbreeze has rejected the wish of the community at risk of alienating other fine Approved Content Creators.
"We don't want to play favorites with any content creators over others, especially not going forward......If we did something for you, we'd either alienate all of them, or create masks for everyone, alienating those who still produce content without the OVK approved stamp."

Which....yea we never thought of the other guys. Why cant each OVERKILL Approved Content Creator have their OWN mask based on their respective charity efforts!?

As of this day we ask each Overkill Approved Member to please help put in your support and get your own piece of immorality.

Old petition message:

With Payday 2 being kind off at the end of its Update Cycle, there is still something missing which should have been added a long time ago. In Payday: The Heist, the special masks created in cooperation with the streamer VyseM4H where extremely well detailed masks, which quickly became a legend in Payday: The Heist. Even to this day, when i play Payday: The Heist, i see a lot of players still choosing the vyse mask as their #1 choice.

VyseM4H is still bringing Payday content to this day, does payday 2 mask pack giveaways every time he streams, and never fails to entertain his Viewers. He still is an important part to the community and thus it would be well deserved to add the masks in Payday 2, and put his name on the dumpster in Heat Street again.

Payday 2 has a lot of content, and a lot of masks, but in homage to Payday: The Heist, i think it would be great to add the VyseM4H masks aswell, them being one of the most well made and detailed masks ever added to Payday.

Maybe this can be done again, trough some kind of Charity Stream with VyseM4H

if you support this cause, please consider sharing this petition to your friends, pd2 mods, steam discussions, OVK devs on twitter and wherever else you think this fits in.

Please bear with me, im not a native english speaker, and not a professional Petition writer. Everything written above is my personal opinion, this is not being done because vyse asked me to, im doing this freely on behalf of myself and the payday players who share my opinion. If there is any wrong Information's in this Petition, im sorry, i took all the info's i think i need for this petition from OVK Software Wikipedia.


Also, something i want to add because im a cheeky kunt: Please fix the Pon Pon Pon Pattern on the "The Doctor" mask, it could look so good, but right now it doesn't: