OVER 100,000 views "BLACKFACE' and Racism Celebrated in the Dance Industry

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In light of the viral video that flooded the internet with a dancer dressed in a "blackface" costume in dance competition "True Twerk Camp" for the pre-selection competitors for the International Championships Dance Event. The discrimination and controversy via racism and this ignorance in both the organizer and performer to openly celebrate this. The lack of understanding and the negligence of the organization practices; I hear by a request that a petition is made to shut down the events and businesses that promote racism, cultural appropriation, objectification, and exploitation of black woman profiting/capitalizing through entertainment and dance all over the world.

I DO NOT ADVOCATE HATE. But we need JUSTICE and also for social media platforms to pick up and filter/block these offenses and as it is abusive. To avoid another incident happening again I would like to petition for action to stop all Dance and Entertainment dance industries who are advocates of any form of racism, discrimination, and exploitation to be shut down.

Please sign this petition and help put an end to this discrimination, racism, exploitation of the dance to take accountability in restoring and contributing the dance in black culture, communities,  and the original African pioneers. 


My proposal is to build enough awareness for Twerkology Nation to become a union leader to have partnerships with advocates who are fighting against racism and a link with the POC communities who are often labelled, objectified and often manipulated in unfair basis within the dance and entertainment industry.