Oregon Battle of Books: No 'George', No Peace

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The children's book "George" by Alex Gino tells the story of a transgender girl and her struggle to get those around her to listen and understand her need to live in her own truth. It is beloved by many children and their families.

"George" is now the target of a campaign to BAN THE BOOK from the "Oregon Battle of the Books" program for 3rd-5th grade students.

Oregon school districts and individual schools considering a ban include Hermiston, Tigard/Tualatin, and Bend-LaPine.

Book banning is not an "American" or "Family" value...and the banning of books about gender diverse children who are already stigmatized and marginalized by society is something we as a parents, caregivers and allies of children refuse to tolerate.

We, the undersigned, call on the Oregon School Boards Association and every school district in the State of Oregon to reject any ban on "George" and other books that provide visibility and support for gender diverse children, adolescents and teens.