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We, the residents of Oregon and surrounding areas demand that you: hold a public awareness forum to fully inform state residents of the geoengineering being done over Oregon skies, to include all information related to health and environmental impacts.

Geoengineering is causing great harm not only to our health and food supply but is also impacting weather patterns globally. The public has never been fully informed of the toxins being sprayed in our skies and generally most who know about geoengineering are labelled kooks or conspiracy theorists. Globally activists are bringing awareness and i feel as governor Kate Brown is responsible to not only inform the public but also to take a stand against such practices over our state.Your help is the only way change will come so I ask you not only sign the petition but that you also do the following, 1) share the petition with other Oregon residents that you know via e-mail 2) Tweet this petition directly to the governors twitter account 3) post a link to this petition on the governors Facebook page and lastly join and share the Facebook group "Oregon Chemtrails"

  Anyone who wishes to share or receive information about this topic may e-mail me I will also be filing a formal request with the governor as soon as this petition gains support

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