Pengurangan uang sekolah selama Home Learning karena dampak ekonomi dari Covid - 19.

Pengurangan uang sekolah selama Home Learning karena dampak ekonomi dari Covid - 19.

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Orang Tua Murid Sekolah Bina Tunas Bangsa memulai petisi ini kepada Pak Yudo Cayadi

Jakarta May 20, 2020

Greetings to Bina Tunas Bangsa (BTB) school,

We strongly believe a helping hand is what we and the world need now.

In regards on that we also comprehend the weight that BTB are shouldering during this period of Home Learning. Thus, we will not delve deeply (into operational cost reduction) as it’s redundant and has been proposed so many times to be look at.

We accept the fact that The New Reality caused by Covid-19 is inevitable and we’re trying our best to adjust to this new normalcy. Unfortunately, although we are on the same Storm, we are not on the same Boat. Some of us are experiencing salary / profit cuts or even redundancies as global economies edge towards recession.

It’s a shame that when we, parents seek help and tries to voice out our concerns, we were turned down few times. We acknowledge the good deed that BTB has done by offering personal approach but these financial relief are supposed to be experience by all parents considering the Storm that we are in together. For parents who are not affected may decline these financial relief from school.

There are still lingering issues that need to be dealt urgently and we urge BTB to facilitate meeting with us as soon as possible. Considering the uncertainty of when will PSBB be ease and precautionary of our personal health any meeting set up (Zoom meeting) must be put into consideration.

Facts that we need to highlight:

·       Parents put in more than two hours a day, assisting children to complete the daily assigned lessons, provide resources, stationeries, technology, not to mention the added mental strain and pressure of working from home simultaneously. As parents we fully understand that the burden of child education must be shared between school and home. But not all parents are born teachers and vice versa thus the additional strain is visible.

·       The children have not been attending school for two months and could continue to do so, neither using the premises, utilities, facilities nor all extra-circular activities.

·       Although our government has implemented suggested opening date for schools, we as parents need to understand fully BTB Safety Protocol before School resume. This issue will merge into 2 concerns that BTB have to cater :

1.       Social distancing measure in practice & Hygiene Level that will be implement daily.

2.       What will BTB offer shall the parents reluctant (in light with health concern) to send back their child within the suggested time frame from BTB in terms of Financial Refund and Academic Qualifications?

Please take note that Home Learning and School experience has huge gaps. Some children may flourish and bloom whilst some are having difficulty to absorb the materials given. 

Our requests:

1.       Twenty five percent (25%) refund of paid school fee or 25% reduction of unpaid school fee during Home Learning period (on going from April to June 2020) and so on. We never encourage Teacher’s nor staffs pay-cut to be conduct. This is not our rights and shall not be burden emotionally to us. We believe BTB has thrive for so many years as a cultivation of wise decision making through tough times and we pray for it to continue.

2.       Must the school open in accordance to the local government requests, please provide our children with reliable Safety measures that has been proven and conducted successfully in other developing countries. Please don’t put our children at trial risk.

3.       Data and facts from all over the world have indicate that economy growth will not reach half of it’s balance until at least quarter year of 2021. Few business sectors may reap profit but for most of us who are not in essential-business sector we are faced with none or even minus profit. Therefore, there should not be any increase in the upcoming School Fee of year 2020/ 2021.

4.       Reduction or refund of Yearly Fee, in which several attributes are not applicable anymore. Eg : Graduation, Stationeries and other miscellaneous expenses.

As an organisation you are within your rights to make profits obviously, but charging full fees to maximise profits for an inferior/ less valuable service is not a practice of good faith moreover appropriate in this time of global crisis.

Lend us a helping hand while we navigate through this Storm together. Once we are back on our feet, we will extend our hands in return and help BTB to achieve more success by remaining faithful to the school that has help us during our tough times.



BTB Parents



0 telah menandatangani. Mari kita ke 75.000.
Dengan 75.000 tanda tangan, petisi ini menjadi salah satu petisi paling banyak di tanda tangani di!