Kristen Nagle should be allowed to practice nursing!

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Contrary to what you have been told by a few who have made libelous claims and  have no actual clue about Nurse Kristen.

It is time to set the record straight. 
Was Kristen in DC on Jan 6? Yes. Why? To speak at the Global Frontline Nurses Summit which was supposed to be held in Tampa Bay but was moved to DC. Did she attend the Capitol Protests? NO. Did the event she was a part of have anything to do with the DC Protests? NO. Has she violated her quarantine since she got back? NO. Is she a threat to patients? NO. 

People are attacking this human who has an impeccable Patient/Nurse relationship. She has never brought any harm to them, nor would she ever put herself in a position to cause harm.  Let that sink in please. There are countless nurses who understand that something is not right with the system right now and are terrified from speaking out for fear of getting fired or have their licenses stripped. How is this fair? How does this help those who are in need? It doesn't. If it was just 1 nurse in the whole world who was speaking out, she/he would be labelled a quack. Problem is? She is not the only one. Instead of attacking her, why not ask her why she and many others have come forward? Then ask yourself, cui bono? Not Kristen, as she only wants to help those who are in need. Thank you for your support.