Support Ontario’s Family-Farm Wineries. Scrap Unfair Taxes. Save Rural Jobs.

Support Ontario’s Family-Farm Wineries. Scrap Unfair Taxes. Save Rural Jobs.

24 July 2020
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Why this petition matters

Ontario’s craft wineries are locally owned, family-farm businesses that create jobs, attract tourists, and support Ontario agriculture. Even before the COVID pandemic hit and tourism all but dried up, Ontario’s family-farm wineries were hurting – big time. All because of unfair taxes.

For example, did you know that Ontario wineries are forced to pay a 6.1% tax per bottle of VQA wine sold at their own wineries to the Ministry of Finance – even when the government and other regulatory bodies play no role at all in selling?

This unfair tax punishes local farm families for selling their own products on their own properties.

Eliminating this unfair tax would help small wineries hire staff, invest in resources to provide greater experiences to their consumers, obtain new equipment for winemaking and retail operations, and more.

As Ontario’s economy struggles to recover from the COVID crisis, Ontario’s craft wineries need tax fairness and relief now more than ever. Their ability to survive depends on it.

Unfair taxes and outdated regulations were already hurting the wine industry, but coupled with the near shutdown of the economy, this is the biggest existential threat small wineries have ever faced.

Show your support for Ontario’s family-farm wineries, grape growers, small businesses and the tourism sector by signing the petition below.

Now’s the Time to Support Local

Now’s the Time to Support Family-Farm Wineries, Growers, Small Businesses and Workers

Now’s the Time to Axe the 6.1% Tax!

#FairTaxforLocalWine #SaveRuralJobs #ProtectFamilyFarms 

For more on this issue:

Global News on the challenges facing Ontario wineries: “We are one of the most heavily taxed industries in the country.”

Postmedia: “Stop taxing businesses just to give them the money back…Doing that would allow for lower prices for consumers, higher wages for workers or reinvestment in the business. The Ford government says they are open for business — let’s hope they prove it here (by) doing the right thing.”

Toronto Sun: “With close to 100 wineries already in Ontario and more popping up every year, the province’s economic potential could be huge with the right policies.”

Niagara Falls Review on other tax challenges facing Ontario wine producers:

Each bottle of Ontario VQA wine sold generates an economic benefit of $98.20 to the Ontario economy. 

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Signatures: 11,536Next goal: 15,000
Support now