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End Ontario's pit bull ban

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In August 2005, the Ontario government enacted the Dog Owner’s Liability Act outlawing the possession, breeding, importing and transferring of pit bulls in Ontario. The legislation replaced regulations that permitted pit bulls so long as they were muzzled and leashed in public, spayed /neutered, and euthanized where there was a possible threat or following an attack. Furthermore, the Act does not allow the transferring of pit bulls whether by sale, gift or otherwise, thus making it quite difficult for pit bull owners to relocate to Ontario from another province with their dog. 

Ontario is the only province in Canada that deems it necessary to have such an Act in place. The law punishes pit bulls for their appearance, when aggression can result from many environmental factors including lack of training and socialization, lack of exercise and mental stimulation, poor
breeding, or mistreatment. Focusing on breeds gives people a false sense of security as individual breeds can be dangerous if they are raised in hazardous environments. 

We want the Ontario government to end the ban on pit bulls because it is ineffective, discriminatory towards pit bull-like dogs, and ignores the issues of pet owner responsibility as well as animal behaviors. Certain Members of Provincial Parliament in Ontario including Cheri DiNovo, Kim Craitor and Randy Hillier have made attempts to repeal breed-specific legislation in Ontario, sadly without success. However, if we come together, I am positive we will have our voices heard.

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