13 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Anuradha Tiwari

Reservation is one of the tools against social oppression and injustice against certain classes. 

However, there are some logical flaws in the existing reservation system.

Key issues in the existing reservation system-

1. Several generations of same family are using reservations

If the whole idea of Reservation is upliftment, then shouldn’t it be restricted to only one generation of SC/ST family? If parents have already benefited from Reservation, why are kids using it? Limiting Reservation to one generation will eventually benefit those who are actually oppressed and reduce the % of Reservation. This can be done by One Family, One Reservation

2. A single person using reservations forever

People should have the option of availing it once in their life. They shouldn’t be allowed to use it for their graduation, and then for their postgrad, and then their doctoral programs, and finally for a job. And, for promotions too. This is not just not fair for deserving candidates. This can be done by Linking Aadhaar or PAN Card to Reservation

Many state governments are now considering the Reservation in private sector. The system that was started to bridge the gap between the disparate social classes is now being abused by creamy reserved layers and politicians for vote bank. Guessing we are the only country where people are fighting to be labeled “backwards” to get reservations.

If we don't want to lose our talent to other countries and if India wants development, it's high time that our government take some actions to fix the above issues. Our future generation deserves to live in a country where they get a fair chance to compete. 

Please sign this petition. We owe it to the next generation. We need maximum signatures and support to get this noticed by the government and authorities. 

Please share this in your circle (Facebook, WhatsApp groups, Status, Instagram, etc.) Let's target 1 Million signatures so we can start reaching out to key decision makers. 

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Support now
Signatures: 56,097Next Goal: 75,000
Support now