Block ZocDoc From Violating Professional Medical Ethics And Making Health Care Expensive

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ZocDoc is charging medical practices a per-appointment booking fee for patients who book appointments through  It used to charge just a flat fee, which was legal at the federal level.  But a per-appointment booking fee is considered a referral fee at the federal level and is illegal for a corporate entity who is not even a Doctor.  Rather than being graceful and waiving these fees for patients with federally funded insurance plans such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare plans like it originally planned to, ZocDoc just decided to get rid of these patients from its website and banned them from using its website.  This latest act by ZocDoc is distasteful if not downright illegal, as ZocDoc's actions effectively violates public accommodation laws.  Furthermore, ZocDoc has expanded its new discriminatory revenue model to the following states:

Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Washington, New York, and New Jersey.

We think in principle it should be illegal to charge this referral fee for anyone.  It violates professional medical ethics, and New York State has a law prohibiting referral fees.  ZocDoc managed to get an exemption of this law from the New York State Department of Health, but when I submitted a FOIL request to examine the emails between ZocDoc and the Department of Health, 3 pages had black ink all over it, and when I requested that the redacted sections be unmasked, my request got denied.  ZocDoc should not be above the law.  ZocDoc needs to cease and desist from charging a referral fee.  If they do not, medical practices need to voice their concern by canceling their ZocDoc accounts.  They can't be a part of this ZocDoc scam.  Please sign this petition to voice your concern, cancel your account, and please stop using ZocDoc to book appointments.

Doctors, tell your patients.

Patients, tell your doctors.  Your loved ones who are elderly, disabled, or who are veterans can't use the website anyway with their Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare insurance.

Send ZocDoc a message that what it is doing is just distasteful, if not downright illegal.  Boycott using ZocDoc to book appointments.  Book direct with a doctor's website and cut out ZocDoc as the middleman.  Keep health care costs down and leave ZocDoc out of the equation until they change their ways.

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