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Please release "The Hairy Ape" on DVD

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We are the people from all around the globe, passionate about theatre and about people who make it real. Some of us are lucky enough to be residents of the countries where theatre pieces are sometimes being recorded and broadcasted, but the majority is far less lucky. So we aspire to make a change, to bring best of theatre to those who’re yearning to see it from across the continent no matter how famous cast members might be or how many awards are there in a director’s pocket.

Hence this petition to Old Vic Theatre and Digital Theatre – we kindly ask to record the production of Eugene O’Neill’s amazing play “The Hairy Ape” starring Bertie Carvel, directed by Richard Jones, and release it on DVD/broadcast in cinemas. This production promises to be one of the hottest tickets throughout Oct.-Nov. 2015, because it has brilliantly poignant script written by one of the most talented playwrights of the XX century, four Pulitzer Prizes winner and Nobel Prize laureate Eugene O’Neill, exceptional cast led by amazingly gifted Bertie Carvel and a whole bunch of international fans and supporters who are on fire right now.

Theatre had been born at the dawn of human civilization to become and remain one of the most powerful and moving forms of art. It is special in so many ways, but what truly makes magic happen is live interaction between humans-on-stage and humans-in-auditorium. This unbelievable chemistry is what produces the unique experience and stirs us, moves us and makes our emotions run wild.

But, at the same time and due to the same reason, theatre is more geographically restricted than any of the existing forms of art. Thus many of us lose the opportunity to witness it just because we aren’t there where it happens. In our age of technology and digital innovation that sounds weird, to say the least.

Help us make a change – sign this petition if you are "pro" art expansion and you want to watch “The Hairy Ape” starring Bertie Carvel in cinemas in your hometown or even on your TV.

 Thank you so much,

Fans xx

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