CORE HYPER DRIVE zero gravity propulsion, (aka, The real W.O.R.P.S. drive)

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     Hello and thank you for taking a look at my online petition. It is a bit of a landmark event online petition, in my opinion. The CORE HYPER DRIVE is my companies contribution to "REALISTIC & PRACTICAL" deep space exploraton in the
entire universe, possible now. (Yes, this is serious, and Yes my concept is for the 1st functional spacecraft/vessel and how it will be done the future of spaceflight).

     It's a 2 STAGE system and I claim it to be "THE FASTEST, MOST SUSTAINABLE, potentially MOST ACCURATE." Yes, quote me. Plus potentially best able to deal with extremes of space while supervised by humans, originally designed for zero gravity propulsioning & power generation it also has an uncanny ability to hold course headings in the ZERO (using centrifugal force configurations, total design theory, and my new slimline gyroscopes w rectangular housings & power generation).

     Believe me, or not the CORE HYPER DRIVE was developed while I was working on the CORE DRIVE project. Another modular transport concept from my company. At the time, I was searching for a way to better improve speed & performance in a zero gravity scenario. (click page to learn more). Briefly its an all electric powered modular personal transport invention meant to be the most versatile & interchangeable to date.
It turns out the CORE HYPER DRIVE will operate very similarly, but the Hyper drive will be able to operate in both zero & low gravity (and potentially underwater, pending craftsmanship). Only a brief synopsis of my IP is made available here, for more information highly recommend requesting/reading full 22pg 'revised' provisional application explainer document.

   Gyroscopes: Spin one fast enough, and it can defy gravity. This is partly how I got there. It has been shown from previous experiments gyroscopes tested in the space station both ZERO & low gravity environment can create position hold/ force hold (see youtube). The CORE 'HYPER' DRIVE uses this same proven science, but in a two-fold different way. First for Spacecraft/versatile Space hotel concet. Since space itself has  zero forces to grab unto, the unit brings its own. They are sealed and specific forces within a unit. From there the slimline gyro spins, creates power and incorporates total-design-adjoin-methodology in a artificial equilibrium this creates the total stop and also creates the basis for forward and aft directed propulsion . Yes, it can get slightly complicated. If you want it easy just click vote trust in BOH, get your own experts, or read it again. All of this is made functional in the ZERO with aid of my 3D navigational active plotting computer alignment and data system using my Boh formula. 

     In the case of the individual CORE HYPER DRIVE unit, opposite polarity makes ideal & consistent speed needed for running continuous longer term operations, and creating the gyrscopic forces needed. These principles together bring PH for True Spaceships  and make total stop anywhere in the universe possible. Its the reason its a spacecraft, the 1st truly real spacecraft, and its proven it works. Its also the reason its ANEW Generation of Spaceflight not some sealed old floating off canister in space/older rocketcraft. Leaving astronauts at the mercy of their environment, not masters of it. This petition benefits mankind/womankind, all of earth kind and gives knowledge to the data banks of the world and future generations to follow...etc.etc.

(Note: to other back-in-the-day designers) my W.O.R.P.S drive (acronym) does function similarly as seen on science fiction show, and looks appropriate too. Hint, click vote now! My revised provisional does not some key issues about the project and may require some debate early.

STAGE 1: consists of (powerplant/power creation & artificial gyroscopic forces from Slimline gyrscopes), while STAGE 2 consists of the ( Various thrust propulsioning & 3D navigational system active plotting system & Various ship configurations). Currently there are two types of main propulsion power proposed with STAGE 2. (Including: Gas compression & smaller engine modalities for moving radius around meaning more close quarter). 

     I (bohinventing) am personally writing this online petition to bring awareness and gather support to the this cause with the intention of kickstarting my (4) PHASE project. A mini-prototype vessel for test (Phase 2). with Phase 1:  Quick makeshift mini-toy used in the international space station for verification of investment.

     There are limits to how I can even test this thing in an earth vacuum. However, Phase 1.5 includes long haul engine testing and this is the only portion that can be done in earth simulation. Yes, we can predict alot from one single flight and journey log. Since so few opportunities will ever be given out to create and fly an actual spacecraft prototype, creating space start up company seems worthy challenge. Plus in future if asked I can assure you may get the chance to test actual prototypes in actual space environment through my company (helps offset future costs). Thus I am asking this project be granted opportunity!

    PROBLEMS: on earth speed in a sealed artificial earth vacuum facility perimeter area presents issue. Additionally, gravity still exists and this proto will not work properly in artificial vacuum environment. You would never leave astronauts in such a position in space knowingly, therefore we test up there. The CORE HYPER DRIVE creates a new solid platform to work from anywhere in ZERO gravity, as will be encountered in universe conditions.

      When STAGE 1 is operating; Artificial stop movement hold is created using total-design-configuration methodology. This means the spaceship has the ability to hold its position against toss & tumble forces in the universe and even allows for small flex. This is partial new invention in 'position hold for spacecraft.' STAGE 1 creates a needed stable platform in space for humans, and provides the ships power. (This is more the vehicle, to the pushed bicycle on training wheels). Given two CORE HYPER DRIVE's are incorporated into standard design, the system also allows for back-ups carried, and minimum operation with (1) fail. It really won't get much safer & easier for quite a while... 

     STAGE 2, consists of the (actual various thrust propulsioning options for the ship). For now, that includes smaller engine modalities & waste gas compress and part of closed loop supervised recycle system. The smaller modalities bring us around to design headings desired, can take us out of W.O.R.P.S. achievable speeds, if needed as back up...etc. STAGE 2 only adds more appreciation for the CORE HYPER DRIVE total balance-auxilary methodolgy for spacecraft IP and what it offers crews in sustainability. By recycling, reusing, and creating use of byproduct of life we take use of limited resources, otherwise of hindrance. STAGE 2 is where we can work to achieve those blink-of-an-eye-speeds. I like to say "forget 3 months try more like 3 hours, and if possible 3 seconds..." Yes, its very realistic using standardized Boh cannon assembly, future engineering. Speed is preferred to make good use of an astronauts useful lifetime when it comes to distances needed to be covered in space travel to discoveries, and gather newer discoveries. I won't go into too much more technical detail here about STAGE 1, or STAGE 2. I will add however my craft feature the Two tier sectional alert warning system methodology. With Primary & Secondary layered of defense against leak's approach. This new total design gives our astronauts  the most time and options to deal with this potential threat yet.

     But its not over there, as future engineers & inventors can continue to improve speeds, compressors, and output with heading hold. To include stopping accuracy proficiency leading to knowing new metric for distance measurements in space. Pretty sure under 30 foot accuracy everytime, is not a dream. And be back in time for dinner. Key officials should hear about this petition and respond, become interested, contact. I can explain my theory and offer the 'revised' provisional explainer 22pg document if written. (Also I can include never seen images sent to USPTO and in my files).

     MISSION TO MARS: Who do you want to see as 1st female to MARS? The debate begins. Improvement over what exists. Today involve some type of rotating canister older rocketcraft concept, similar to a how a bullet is shot out and rotated holding its trajectory, once fired. The CORE HYPER DRIVE is two fold different in principle, yet similar. The ship controls its destiny now, where it goes, and when it goes. Plus rotation can be dizzying as these are not hamsters out there. The CORE HYPER DRIVE resists sway & swagger tumble effect encountered in zero gravity environment. It keeps course alignment for LONG distance without total ship rotation. Its really a testament to form & function in total design. The CORE HYPER DRIVE allows Captain & crew the ability to stop, research, patrol and bring back from nearly anywhere in space whenever, in nearly every scenario. We can now change plans without waiting 1-3 days, or further date. Making it the most realistic & practical of all choices ever, and in my opinion the ONLY safe & accurate choice.

     My invention and this petition brings space travel/exploration into a new age, (and together to offset costs we can sell our very own Space channel rights). My system includes my companies best of future new 3D Navigational active plotting space mapping concept for all ship cockpits. Using my new Sun of our solar system as our center reference point (for now), the Boh formula for accuracy, and marker buoy grid system. Plus later on we will get into our own buoy standardized operations to improve outer distance communications & accuracy all over again. I digitized space and now you can plot courses, designate route, add points, add notations, markers and most important control your own destinations & more... To know where you are on the map at all times in the unknown darkness of the great ZERO, is priceless up there... And its all possible with modern computers and the Boh formula & Standard Boh cannon proficiency calibrations. 

     Therefore, I hope I have convinced you enough begin with me and sign today. At minimum have the conversation and decide if the CORE 'HYPER' DRIVE is really the "real w.o.r.p.s. drive?" Possibly Space academy coming anyone? I am open to global applicants, partnering, though scrutiny is tight, and limited seating. (#corehyperdrive #deepspacetravel).

     So VOTE 4 "CORE HYPER DRIVE" with 1st to discovery. The 1st ever spaceship concept that really works, Project CORE HYPER DRIVE (Aka, the real W.O.R.P.S. drive). I as most are curious where we go from here and what we find out there and bring back for inspection. Creating the standard modern assembly/ blue print system to explore space frontiering. (Note: At this time the debate is whether piggyback aviation launches will be the next step in the progress of launching ships form here out into space & 1st woman to MARS). In total, future is pretty cool, and overall this new tech can get finally get us off this rock, and avoid extinction, should need arise. Lets see what distant things await us! 

Sincerely,         -Kory, Abran A. (Aka, Boh from bohinventing)/ (Serial Inventor)

(For more images & video information from my company please follow this pinterest page link to learn more about the CORE HYPER DRIVE).

(Dedicated pinterest page with additional images from P188 CORE HYPER DRIVE) 

(<3min video from the inventor)

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