CORE HYPER DRIVE zero gravity propulsion, (aka, The real W​.​O.R​.​P.S. drive)

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     Hello and thank you for taking a look at my online petition. It is a landmark online petition, in my opinion. The purpose of this 'Global' space petition is to increase space travel & funding from governments, and to establish "BOHSCOVE" municipality/town/city, and the 'Bohscove authority' given current challenges of prior administrations, high barriers to entry inherent this industry, and thereby preventing insurgent meddling and tampering from those unauthorized.

    Introducing The CORE HYPER DRIVE it is my invention & solution to "REALISTIC & PRACTICAL" deep space exploration in the entire universe. It is a (2) stage zero gravity propulsion system leading to TRUE/permanent Spaceships across the universe. It uses my companies (3) three dimensional digital active plotting computer navigational system & BOHformula/algorythym & data banks. (Yes, this is a serious petition. Yes, my concept is the 1st fully functional Permanent spaceships/Space vessels and how it will be done for the future of spaceflight).

     By signing for this petition you are voting & supporting a new era future of Spaceflight. Creating the "BOHinventing Aviation & Spaceship LLC." And guaranteeing it be born, including addendums (listed below). This petition sends me to (Vancouver (area) of Canada. To launch this entire endeavor, set up manufacture for spaceships & more...

     The CORE HYPER DRIVE was developed while I was working on the CORE DRIVE project. (Another modular transport concept from my company). At the time, I was searching for a way to better improve speed & performance in a low gravity-to-zero scenario. Briefly, its an all electric powered modular personal transport invention meant to be the most versatile & interchangeable to date. It turns out the CORE HYPER DRIVE will operate very similarly, but the core hyper drive will be able to operate in both zero & low gravity (and potentially underwater, pending craftsmanship). Only a brief synopsis of my IP is made available here, for more information highly recommend requesting/reading full 22pg 'revised' provisional application explainer document. (Request via DM).

   Gyroscopes: Spin one fast enough, and it can defy gravity. This is partly how I got there. It has been shown from previous experiments gyroscopes tested in the space station both ZERO & low gravity environment can create position hold/ force hold. The CORE 'HYPER' DRIVE uses this same proven science, but in a two-fold different way. Since space itself has zero forces to grab unto, the individual core hyper drives bring their own. They are sealed and use specific alignment forces each unit. Its a basic BOW & arrow methodology you could say. My slimline gyro's spin create both power & artificial centrifugal force leads up to Total-adjoin-auxiliary-arrowhead,-methodology, or (TAAAD). All of it aimed at total stop ability and the basis for forward and aft accurate alignment directed propulsion. 

     The BOH 3D navigational system & data banks are to always remain 'in-house' programmers included. This leads to creation of our new BOHspaceship Spaceflight Administration. Think of it as 'THE' tower; organizing, coordinating our space traffic, for safer operations up there for future years & astro's to come given the risks existing using our created routes.  All these principles together bring basis platform for True/permanent Spaceships and the reason its ANEW Generation of Spaceflight not the old admin featuring sealed old floating push-off canisters in space/older rocketcraft. My navigational system is '1st to cube-digitize space for actual spaceship navigations and record.' Now you can plot real courses, designate routes, add fine details/points, add notations, markers and mostly educate those after you. Despite, the potential for human loss of direction in 360*'s in every direction. Used properly you will know where you are on the Space-Map at all times even in the vast darkness of the great black ZERO. Its "priceless" and its all possible with modern computers & CORE HYPER DRIVE individual units, the BOHformula & Boh standard cannon assembly w/ proficiency calibrations.

     I (Kory, Abran A.) You can call me BOH (its my nickname) am personally writing this online petition to gather support, teams, and launch TRUE/permanent spaceship manufacturing. Seeking to kickstart to my (4) PHASE project to MARS & more starting with the establishment of 'BOHSCOVE.' This petition includes 1st MISSION TO MARS & 1st female astronaut to 1st land and set the global flag 'ahead of a man. Yes, you can quote me. I & all signed hold this accord and enforce contents via this new technology & petition. For the most part its a major improvement over what exists in spaceflight over some type of rotating canister older rocketcraft concept. Similar to a how a bullet is shot out of a gun, rotates to hold its trajectory better, once fired. The CORE HYPER DRIVE is two fold different in principle, yet similar. Rotation can be dizzying as these are NOT hamsters we are putting in spaceships out there. The CORE HYPER DRIVE resists sway & swagger tumble effect encountered in zero gravity environment by grabbing unto the core hyper drives themselves in set configuration. (see T.A.A.A.Design). Its "the lightest touch" up there and I've designed something that can keep course alignment on LONG distances despite being inside a vacuum. Without ship swagger, or sway. Its really a testament to form & function in total Spaceship designing. Making it the only "BOHapproved" methodology, for most repeat trips, and most realistic & practical of all choices ever, in my opinion...

    LIMITS ON EARTH: At this time zero gravity space testing & achieving speed in a sealed artificial earth vacuum facility present issue here on earth. Gravity still exists nearly everywhere while on earth and that makes it unlike the 'natural' vacuum of space for testing. You would never leave astronauts in such a position in space knowingly., Therefore we prototype test up there and down here. The CORE HYPER DRIVE creates a new solid platform to work from anywhere in ZERO gravity, as will be encountered in actual universe conditions.

      STAGE 1: Consists of (powerplant/power creation & artificial gyroscopic forces from Slimline gyroscopes, rectangular engines). While STAGE 2 consists of the ( Various thrust propulsioning & 3D navigational system active plotting system & Various ship configurations). 

     STAGE 2 Creates needed stable platform in space for humans, heading & position hold capacity. (This is when its more the luxury sedan with the best positioning system ever invented, to the pushed-box-methodology & older rocket methodology).   These spacecraft are "MOST ACCURATE, FASTEST, MOST SUSTAINABLE" choice. Yes, you can quote me again. They will power forward on recycling, reusing our byproduct of life generated today. Using resources, otherwise of hindrance. STAGE 2 is where we can work improve those blink-of-an-eye-speeds. (Additionally, you can research Project 188C to find out how to MAX our top speeds). I like to say "forget 3 months try more like 3 hours..." Yes, its very realistic using standardized BOHcannon assembly & BOHformula and future engineering. Speed is preferred to make good use of an astronauts useful lifetime when it comes to distances needed to be covered in space travel discoveries, and gathering ever newer discoveries.

     Therefore, I hope I have convinced you enough to begin with me. Open to global applicants, government partnering. In the future your space rep from your country will be coming to work/thrive with our tower, our equipment. Includes;, general partnering, flight training, youth space camps. ALL countries interested in joining our rotations & rocket launches will be paying their portion for presence, membership and make this whole effort work long into the future.

     Search: @bohinventing & @corehyperdrive (#corehyperdrive #deepspacetravel #bohinventing) to learn more... Truly anyone who wants to save humanity from extinction should just sign this petition, period... 

Sincerely,      -Kory, Abran Alexander. (Aka, Boh / Bohinventing)/ (Serial Inventor & founder)

(For more images & info from company please follow this page link to learn more about the CORE HYPER DRIVE concept).



(5:17 explainer video)


(Here is my Recommended past Milky Way exploration document. (14 page) Manifesto for (R)ight side charter explorations better focused efforts Deep Space Traveling)


1."ALL" Space commands & space journals entry, placards will hereby be authorized ONLY in English language aboard all core hyper drive/ BOHSpaceships. To avoid confusion on limited communications. No crews, or crew members, or applicants will be allowed work here without spoken/written capability in English language. (Both: Websters-dictionary & BOHapproved Space command dictionary). New words can and will be admitted/submitted on case by case basis and approved ONLY by BOH high space counsel command, dated after 2018

2. (1-2x) Standbye "Savior" BOHspaceship and Corehyperdrive equipped SHUTTLE crafts. Needs based on 'amount of astronauts in space.' (Note: within limits of carry potential return & Possible core hyper drive equipped wings, if needed). This creation of a standbye/emergency vehicle is to be used in case of emergency. It is a closer-to-earth return in mass operation vessel for a higher readiness rescue rapid deployment, in case of astronaut/kosmonaut emergencies unforseen.

3. This Space petition does include: "1st female lander" to set foot on MARS and safely return 'ahead of a man' using a BOHspaceship to arrive. 

4. (This NOT #starTrek or infringing on their trademarks, NOT taking ANY starTrek officers, and finally this is NOT star fleet). 

5. Establishment & formation of "The BOHbank & Trust of Vancouver Canada." a direct lending institution/bank. The introduction of BOHcoin. Thereby keeping out the fake, illegitimate digital monies & the NOT BOHapproved.

6. Creation/ establishment of "EARTH TOWER1." Our main primary tower. Includes future back up names safety policy. (Ex: MARS TOWER1, MARS TOWER3). Whereby skipping tower #2, due limits of communication afar and phonetic security added.