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Obama: Lead Like Roosevelt

Recently, the Obama administration and Democrats in Washington have been expressing frustration with the Democratic Base for not being excited enough about what they've accomplished since Obama became President.

Robert Kuttner, in his article "Liberal criticism of Obama is out of tough-love" published in the Boston Globe on August 13, 2010, lays out exactly how they are missing the point. This open letter is an attempt to turn these thoughts into a call for action.

Letter to
President of the United States
We don't want you to waste your moment in History. America elected you President not just to be better than the other guy, but becuase you promised to change Washington.

You promised to make America proud of our government again.

This is a Roosevelt moment: After Iraq. Katrina. Torture. George W. Bush. After 20 years of Government run by the view the private sector can do nothing wrong and government nothing right.

You have the opportunity to restore a more balanced form of capitalism and to make it a governing philosophy shared by a majority of Americans, just as FDR did.

Ordinary Americans knew Roosevelt was on their side, becuase Roosevelt was eloquent in naming and shaming his opposition. Politics isn't just the art of the possible. It's also the art of leadership.

That's why President Roosevelt’s Democratic Party gained seats in Congress in 1934, the first mid-term election after Roosevelt took office, despite unemployment exceeding 15 percent.

We're counting on you to succeed.