Make the BioButton Optional for Staff and Students at Oakland University

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If I have learned one key thing at Oakland University, it is to stand up for what I believe is right. When I started this petition, it was never meant to be taken as Oakland University slander but instead a change that I wanted to see in something I hold ever so dearly, inspired by that same thing I wanted to see change in. Oakland University, according to their Facebook page, has decided to make the BioButton optional for the upcoming school year. They have also decided to refocus those efforts in other ways to control the potential outbreaks on campus. I hope we all take the time to appreciate the time and effort that they are putting forth to curb Covid-19 cases on Oakland University's campus and the work they've done to get us all back on campus, even if we do not agree with the overturned decision to require the BioButton. Moreover, for everyone supporting the usage of the BioButton, it will still be made available to students, faculty, and staff for usage. I applaud Oakland University for this decision and I hope that you take the time to thank them for this decision, as well; valuing student and community feedback shows that they truly do put students first. Oakland University remains to be a university that takes student feedback and the feedback of the community into account in regards to decisions, something that makes me so proud to be a Golden Grizzly. Thank you all for your support, sharing information, and raising awareness.

Tyler Dixon
6 months ago