Nurture Good Habits for Cleaner Oceans「きれいな海を守る習慣を身につける誓い」

Nurture Good Habits for Cleaner Oceans「きれいな海を守る習慣を身につける誓い」

July 12, 2022
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(Japanese text is after the English text.)


Plastic waste continues to be one of the greatest threats to our oceans, jeopardizing not only marine ecosystems but also those whose livelihoods depend on the ocean, and—on a bigger scale— society at large. Recognizing the importance of clean and healthy oceans, ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries and Japan have made various efforts into safeguarding the waters in the region, many of which involve the participation of youth.

In 2020, we, as a group of young academics from ASEAN and Japan, and incentivized by the ASEAN-Japan Centre (AJC), drafted the “Future Leaders’ Declaration on ASEAN-Japan Cooperation for International Marine Plastic Waste” to show our strong commitment and responsibility to eliminate plastic waste in the ocean.

To realize this promise, we have been conducting the “ASEAN-Japan Eco-School” (formerly ASEAN-Hiroshima Eco-School) since 2021 to educate elementary and high school students inASEAN countries and Japan on this emerging issue. Through online interactive classes, we are proud to have inspired more than 1,200 students and teachers in 48 schools in ASEAN countries and Japan to nurture good habits and make informed decisions on plastic consumption. This year, we continue our efforts by introducing the “Train the Trainer” program for the members of the public and private sectors who wish to become educators, who will spread awareness on the issue of marine plastic waste. We hope more and more people, especially the youth, will embark on the journey to a more mindful and careful use and disposal of plastics.

In Japan, Marine Day (海の日) is celebrated every third Monday of July as a reminder and appreciation of the ocean’s importance in our lives. On this occasion, we are launching the Pledge to Nurture Good Habits for Cleaner Oceans to build on the success of the preceding incentives and include you in committing to better actions to protect the ocean. 

Pledge to Nurture Good Habits for Cleaner Oceans 
There are many ways to show your love for the ocean. One of these is to join hands with us to overcome marine plastic waste pollution. We urge you to think big and act small, starting by looking at what is around you. We encourage you to commit to nurture the following good habits for cleaner OCEANS:  

Object to and refuse single-use plastics such as plastic bags, plastic packaging; 

Cooperate in community projects, and local campaigns aimed at changing habits to curb plastic waste; 

Eliminate trash properly, including plastic waste, and opt for recycling options for recyclable waste; 

Advocate for policies for better waste management, recycling, and circular economy for sustainable development;  

Nurture and support businesses, initiatives and activities that provide solutions or alternatives to mitigate marine plastic pollution;  

Switch to reusable alternatives such as shopping bags, refillable water bottles, and reusable food containers. 

Support the Pledge to Nurture Good Habits for Cleaner Oceans to show your commitment to protect our oceans! 



2020年、ASEANと日本の若手研究者のグループ(フェロー)として[MT1] [KY2] [KY3] 、私たちは日本アセアンセンターの奨励を受け、海のプラスチック廃棄物をなくすための強いコミットメントと責任を示すために、「海洋プラスチック廃棄物に関する日・ASEAN協力のための未来リーダー宣言」を起草しました。

この約束を実現するために、私たちは2021年から「日本アセアンエコスクール」(パイロットプログラム「広島アセアンエコスクール」)を実施し、ASEAN諸国と日本の小学生~高校生を対象にしたプログラムを実施しています。オンライン対話型授業を通じて、ASEAN諸国と日本の48校の1,200人以上の生徒と先生方に、プラスチック消費に関する良い習慣を育み、十分な情報を得た上で意思決定をするよう促してきました。今年も引き続き、海洋プラスチック廃棄物問題への関心を高める教育者を目指す官民の人々を対象とした「Train the Trainer(指導者研修)」プログラムを立ち上げます。












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Signatures: 537Next Goal: 1,000
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