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Amend NSW Crimes Act so mandatory for priests disclosure of sexual assaults

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For far too long the church has hidden behind the act of confession, and a veil of secrecy to cover up the acts of paedophiles amongst them.

Barry O’Farrell has tried to sit on the fence on this issue and has publicly stated in parliament that he believes that it should be mandatory for priests to report sexual assaults. However he also claims his views are not the position of his government and therefore will not do anything about it.

I am sorry, but the sexual assault of children is not an issue that anybody should sit on the fence about.

Barry needs to be told to stand behind his words and seek to change the NSW Crimes Act, as he actually has the ability to do this through the parliament.
Barry O’Farrell needs to put up, or shut up.

Barry needs to decide if he is on the side of the children of NSW, or those who seek to abuse them.

The Federal government has had the guts to do something about this issue, let’s hope that Barry follows his heart rather than his Party factions.

Below is a link to a Fairfax article on Barry's position.

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