Taiwan is a model of democratization.

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Please join the signature campaign calling for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to President Lee Teng-hui who democratized the former despotic state without bloodshed.

We started the signature campaign calling for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to President Lee Teng-hui in order to spread the model of successful democratization achieved in Asia.

Do you know Lee Teng-hui?

He is a Taiwanese statesman called “Mr. Democracy (the Father of Democratization).

After the war Taiwan was a snitch society called the “White Terror”, ruled by one party dictatorship―reign of terror.
Lee Teng-hui was not a statesman, but in 1988 he succeeded the former President of the Republic of China, Taiwan.

This was the time he began his attempt to democratize Taiwan. In 1991 he eliminated the Temporary Provisions Effective During the Period of Communist Rebellion, which was the de facto general mobilization laws. In 1996 the presidential election was held and he was for the first time reelected the President of the Republic of China by direct votes of Taiwan’s population. This way he succeeded in democratizing the despotic state peacefully without shedding any blood.

Today, in Taiwan, popular elections are still held, and freedom and democracy and freedom of religion have been achieved.

In recent years the suppressions of Tibet and Uygur have been reported and many people in the world pay attention to the movements for freedom and democratization in Hong Kong.

This is the time people in the world should evaluate the remarkable achievement that President Lee Teng-hui made. The democratization realized in Taiwan should be the hope and model of democratization of Hon Kong, mainland China, and North Korea as well.

Could you sign your name and recommend that Mr. Democracy Lee Teng-hui be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

Committee for Recommending Lee Teng-hui as Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Secretary-General Ikuko Kondo

To the Norwegian Nobel Committee

President of Taiwan Lee Teng-hui is a great figure called “Father of Democratization” in the world.

In 1988 Mr. Lee Teng-hui was inaugurated as the first Taiwanese President of the Republic of China in the midst of the one party dictatorship by the Kuomintang that had been ruling Taiwan for 40 years since the end of the war.

On taking office as president, he carried out various policies to democratize Taiwan. He succeeded in democratizing the dictatorship peacefully without exposing the Taiwanese to danger such as a civil war.

The international community should honor President Lee Teng-hui who achieved freedom and established democracy in Taiwan through his philosophical politics based on “Japan Spirit” and the faith of Christianity which he developed under the rule of Japan and during the study in the United States of America relatively.

We recommend President Lee Teng-hui as the most suitable person for the Nobel Peace Prize in light of the spirit of the famous words engraved on the medal ―“Pro pace et fraternitate gentium.”