I would like to see Kaylen Ward win the Nobel Peace prize for her fundraising efforts.

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Kaylen Ward has used her platform in a unique and innovative way to yield tangible results if the crisis Australia is currently facing.  Her fundraising efforts are both impressive in the sheer dollar amount she has generated, and in that is shows that the path to effect change is open to everyone. 

The backlash she has faced in both her personal life, and in online communities seems reprehensible.  I feel as if a prestigious prize such as those awarded by the Nobel committee would not only legitimize the unorthodox but commendable methods she has taken to raise almost 1 million dollars of relief aid, as of this petition, but would also show her and other like her that her efforts are appriated.

Also, a secondary goal of this petition is to show the legitimacy of sex work.  While Kaylen Ward has absolutely nothing to apologize for, many people are dismissing her efforts because of the way in which she has raised these funds.  This attitude is harmful not to only Ward, but any person who is involved in sex work.  Also, any negative attitude towards sex work is harmful in that it fosters environments where human trafficking is a greater risk

People like Ward are combatting negative stereotypes and hopefully changing attitudes by showing the positive results that sex work can have.

For this too I think ward should be acknowledged.