Change the Algonquin Regional High School name and mascot

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The reconsideration of Algonquin Regional High School's name has been a long time coming. The name was stolen from the Algonquin people, part of the Algonquian language group, who have predominant populations in parts of North America. There is no record of the Algonquin tribe consenting to the Northborough-Southborough School District’s decision to name the high school and mascot after them. 

The Algonquin name in conjunction with the Tomahawk mascot – which is an ax-like weapon – perpetuate racist stereotypes, classifying Natives as violent and barbaric. Since Algonquin Regional High School’s conception in 1959, racist attire, chants and behavior have been commonplace – disguised as school pride and excused as an attempt to honor Native people. This racism is unacceptable and must change immediately.

Other schools across the country, including in Massachusetts, have successfully changed their racist mascots to monikers that do not appropriate Native people or symbols. For example, Lamar High School in Houston, Texas changed their name from the Redskins to the Texans earlier this year. Massachusetts high schools like Hanover High School are also currently pushing for their racist mascot – the Indian – to change. Now is not the time to sit idly by and be complicit. School tradition should not take precedence over justice.

A school that continues to employ Native symbols and names creates an environment where students think appropriation is acceptable and encouraged, which perpetuates racism. Please sign your name on this petition if you believe the Northborough-Southborough School District must make these changes now.
If you feel comfortable, please share your connection to the school district in your comment (ex: current student, alum, faculty, parent, school board member, etc.).