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Sarah Robinson
United States

Feb 6, 2018 — As of today the petition has signatures of over 60,000! I am in awe! YOU, yes YOU that has signed this petition are literally engaging to help save a life. A lot of you have been directed here from the media sources I have been interviewed with. I want to thank for all of your extrodanary hard work on this petition. I have now completed interviews with 2 media sources. NowThisHer and Woman’s Day Magazine. Contact with NC state legislators has been made to include today through a couple sources and traction on the petition alone in 4 days has doubled. There has been a resounding positive feedback on this and for that I cannot be more proud.

Some answers to questions that I have engaged in-

This by far was not a personal attack to my exhusband. Is my situation what made think about starting the petition, yes, but as it states in the NowThisHer video, I am doing this for all genders, ethnicities, gay/straight, whatever married situation you are in. Domestic Violence is not immune to anyone. My situation is NOTHING compared to what others have experienced. But if someone has proof, they need help to be put to safety.

People have stated they can see false accusations for a quick divorce. I do state in the petition for proof and 60-90 days for the divorce to go through.

People asked me why did I even marry when he had the problem from the beginning. When you’ve helped someone change from something worse and they did hide their issue at the beginning of the relationship, that’s one thing. Promises of change and being personally invested in their lives and their children’s is one thing. There was some mental and emotional abuse ahead of the wedding. After the wedding is when things were really released. After I stated it was completely over and I wanted him to leave the home, on a drunken night when I never though he would actually touch me, is when he put me into a wall. The physical abuse was the last week he was in the home.

I do want to clearly state, I will never release personal details of who he is, my employer, his family members and again, this was not to gain a divorce to marry again soon. I set this for a voice for those who were too scared or no longer have one.

There are a few out there that have actually victim shamed me. I don’t care anymore. It’s not about me, it’s about all the women and men that need this so desperately to keep themselves safe and alive. As I have stated, a person can be beaten within inches of life and still have to be legally married to their spouse for 1 year and 1 day.

Some have pointed out the NC State NCGS 50-7 Bed and Board law. Yes I do fall into this exemption but you still have to remain separated for 1 year and 1 day. There is no getting around the waiting period. The exemption just helps your case when going through divorce proceedings.

I cannot thank you all so much for the support and the kind words. God knows this is the right thing to do. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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