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The rawest of raw

Sarah Robinson
United States

Feb 2, 2018 — As I am typing this, the petition is currently at 34,000 signatures. When I started this petition, I was angry and in disbelief that such a law could exist without any exceptions. I never put to thought that I would get this many signatures of support and be at the position I am today. This is where my headline of the rawest of raw comes in. I'm literally just a 33 year girl that grew up in Ohio that has a basic life that never thought anything extraordinary of herself or I would do anything extraordinary. So you are about to hear the rawest of my raw emotions.

I have been for approximately a month now been very actively working with the different departments of to include the Communications Department that reaches out to media sources. They have connected me and NowThisHer, a media source you see mostly on Facebook and conducted an interview with me to be aired here soon. This truly has all become so surreal. I never thought I could make any difference.

You will CLEARLY hear me say my story is NOTHING compared to what other women and men have gone through. It doesn't even touch it. I did this because someone can truly be beaten within inches of their life and they would still have to remain married to that person for a year and a day before they could even file for divorce. The emotions I felt from it was pure sadness, defeat and anger. It truly is not fair. You will also clearly hear me say I am NOT doing this to move on and marry right away. When I got married, I thought this is it. You get married, you work things out, you stay together, you die old together. I was not looking to be divorced within 5 years of my marriage and at the age of 33. Those are not "goals" you have in life. I was not the perfect wife myself, I had my flaws I know, but certainly did I try and try hard.

Some that are reading this post are seeing the petition for the very first time. I have sheltered it from some to avoid anyone feeling uncomfortable due to many reasons. But the fact that it has gotten so big, I feel I can no longer shield it.

This petition is to give a voice for those that no longer have one, or are too afraid and cant. But I will tell you, the bigger this has gotten, I am now extremely nervous about it, but God knows it is the right thing to do. I was always one that I felt can be easily pushed over. There is no looking back now though. So I want to say thank you so far to those of you who have signed and to you reading this now, you are changing someone's life.

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