Bring “Rails to Trails”to Murphy NC

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The Railroad right-of-way in Cherokee County between Murphy and Andrews has been without scheduled train service for nearly 50 years.

Local government has been trying, unsuccessfully for decades, to reestablish train service to this dead end section of track.

The track and trestles, because of the lack of maintenance, has deteriorated to the point where it will take millions of dollars to restore it to a usable track.  Our local government does not have the resources to restore these tracks.  Our local government cannot provide any current economic justification to the state or federal government for restoring these tracks. 

Therefore, the signers of this petition respectfully request that the NCDOT, Cherokee County, Town of Murphy NC, Town of Andrews NC all endorse converting the railroad right-of-way to a multi-use pedestrian/bicycle/hiking trail, commonly referred to as a “Rails to Trails” project. These Rails to Trails projects enhance the community, provide new economic opportunities and preserve the historic and environmental assets of our community.  A Rails to Trails project will create a safe walking/bicycle/hiking trail for all citizens, regardless of ability or handicap.  This Trail would connect downtown Murphy, the River Walk, schools along the route, access to Piney Knob Mountain Bike Trails to Andrews business district, creating an interconnected urban trail system that would be unique to our area.  The economic, recreational, tourism and business opportunities of these Trails to the communities is well documented and the cost to create theses Trails can be paid by state and federal grants for alternative transportation facilities.