Allow Dental Professionals COVID Vaccination in Phase 1a

Allow Dental Professionals COVID Vaccination in Phase 1a

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Started by Michael Farmer

The North Carolina DHHS, which is in charge of distributing COVID vaccines across North Carolina, updated their guidelines for COVID vaccination distribution to move dental professionals out of Phase 1a and into Phase 2.

This would mean that dental professionals would only be vaccinated after every adult in the state that has 2 or more chronic conditions are vaccinated. In short, dental professionals will be vaccinated months into the vaccination process. 

Note: any dental professional with 2 or more chronic conditions can be vaccinated with the general public in Phase 1b.

These clarified guidelines state that dental professionals are considered in Phase 1a of the vaccine distribution only if they are specifically treating COVID positive patients. This means that dentists that are seeing patients in their office on a routine basis are no longer in Phase 1a. This also includes hygienists and assistants as well. 

The updated guidance will affect the entire state, even those currently giving vaccines to dental professionals. 

Dental professionals have been regarded as one of the most dangerous professions with COVID due to the aerosols that are created in many of our procedures and that we have to work within a patient's mouth. We have taken on extreme costs to minimize these risks and put ourselves at risk daily to continue providing care for our patients. Now, we ask that we receive some long awaited protection. 

Please sign this petition to tell the North Carolina DHHS that dental professionals are important and deserve to receive vaccinations in Phase 1a. Thank you for your support! 

1,581 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!