#NoFracking: No new terminals for climate killer gas!

#NoFracking: No new terminals for climate killer gas!

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We are Gustav and Lilli, 16 and 17 years old and on Fridays we take to the streets and go protesting for the climate. We are both from Hamburg and here in the north, in Stade, Wilhelmshaven and Brunsbüttel, the German federal government wants to hastily build new terminals to import gas. That makes us angry! The German Bundesrat (Federal Council) plans to decide on this on May 17th. We have been demonstrating for months to protect the climate, and now the government is whipping through the next climate-damaging project ?! We want to prevent that - together with the German Environmental Aid (DUH)!

Because fracking is so harmful to the environment and the climate, the promotion of cracked shale gas is not allowed in Germany. But in other countries, such as the USA, where the environment for liquid gas is deliberately destroyed by Trump and Co. The terminals are expected to import liquefied natural gas (LNG) in general, but much of this gas is likely to be US-made cracked gas. This upsets us. We find that if fracking of shale gas is banned in Germany then we should not promote fracking in other countries by importing the cracked gas! So far, there is no LNG terminal in Germany, for our future it would be better if it stayed that way!

We demand the planning and construction freeze of the LNG terminals. As long as the federal government does not exclude the import of cracked gas and assess the climate risks of this fossil raw material according to the latest state of science, we demand the rejection of the terminals in the vote in the Bundesrat!

We have been demonstrating for weeks as part of the Fridays for Future movement to demand action for effective climate protection. We will not stand still now, as the short-term thinking of the policy burdens us within a few days further long-term damage!

Please support our petition:
#NoFracking: no new terminals for climate killer gas!

Yours Lilli and Gustav

Additional Information:

We have already launched a campaign, the "We-Greta campaign", information and a video of our meeting with Greta Thunberg in Hamburg can be found here: www.change.org/weLoveGreta

We are looking forward to the support of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V . in this new campaign. Here you will find the press release dated 27.3.2019: