We WantTo Finish Gang&Mafia Of Bollywood Who Kills NewTalents like Sushant Singh Rajput

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{Dr.Sudhir gupta already have bad records now In SSR case he proofed that he is currupt,thats why he should be terminated from AIIMS}

He gave up on life and you are screaming that he has "failed"!

Perhaps his life was changed, but what are you saying, you are telling the color of his snare,

You named the suicide without conducting an investigation, while we all saw how the Maharashtra Police acted, why no hanging photos of the body were taken, how the police was letting everyone go to that place, Was it not wrong? He was presumed dead without showing the doctor, why not taken to the next hospital Friend Sandeep Singh, how did the police allow everyone to stay in that room? This is the Against of Law, what is the meaning of coming 2 ambulances, why did the media not cover it?

I request to all decision makers please take tough action against Maharashtra government & Mumbai police... They are tryinging to remove evidence of Sushant Singh Rajput & hide to culprit & defend to prime suspect 

All this was no less that you entered her house, started questioning the family in times of grief, forcing them to say something on camera.

The manner in which the Indian media covered the incident after the tragic mysterious death of Sushant Singh Rajput shows how low its level has been. The Indian media should have shown some sympathy!

At a time when our country and the entire world are reeling under an epidemic, mental health has been affected by many people. At such a time, sensationalizing the news of suicide can be fatal and may push many on the path of taking unwanted steps. Especially when the news of suicide is of a star or a role-model of people. Not only does it have a profound effect on the audience but also increases the family's suffering. Just think, how will it feel if you put a mic on your mouth in a time of grief? Many times this pain and suffering becomes so much that even the family members start thinking of suicide.

In view of all these aspects of suicide, many countries such as US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. have issued strict instructions to their media on reporting of suicides for the safety of the audience. The media there follows either the WHO's guideline or the country's own guideline when reporting suicide.

Unfortunately, the Indian media lags behind in this. Sign and share my petitions.

There should be a Laxman Rekha in reporting suicide, which should not be crossed. That is why I appeal to the News Broadcasting Standards Authority of India to issue a guideline of "Responsible Reporting for Suicide", include it in your Code of Ethics and take strict action on its violation.

Sign my petitions and share as much as possible so that the Indian media takes a positive step, reporting sensitive incidents such as suicide with condolences and responsibility.

                         Thank you