Save WWV and WWVH - THE global time standards!

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We support and encourage continued funding for the over-the-air time standard broadcasts of WWV and WWV-H.

In its recent budget submission for 2019 the National Institute of Standards and Technology have suggested de-funding $6.3M covering the operation of the long-standing over-the-air time standard broadcasts.  

The operation of these transmitters has been a critical reference for general HF (high-frequency) radio propagation assessment, manual time-keeping and setting, radio-frequency reference for stability and accuracy, as well as other valuable RF and time data characteristics.  These services support terrestrial communications, scientific data, commercial/industrial instrumentation, researchers and hobbyists in the U.S. and globally.

We realize that much of the service is replicated over the Internet, but not all the world or its devices can or should be dependent on Internet access.  This is a leap of too much too soon given the challenges of getting mere e-mail to remote areas much less critical time reference information.

$6.3M is 'nothing' in terms of other lesser cost/benefit situations.  If this is not kept in the NIST budget and services maintained, and if the service might be outsourced/redirected to private or academic interests, this same or higher cost will surely appear in contract or grant arrangements.  It does not make sense to complicate and confuse and defer a venerable and highly successful, dependable and often necessary reference service to parties unknown, worse 'kill' it - at this level.