Make a new Star Fox sequel for Switch!

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The Star Fox series has been treated very poorly for a long time now. We haven't seen a true sequel in 13 years. Instead, we got pointless remakes of the Lylat Wars and a crossover appearance that didn't feature the entire cast.

Nintendo, please stop using Star Fox as a guinea pig for control schemes and such while completely ignoring all the other important aspects of a good game. Make the gameplay more diverse by adding ground combat and a sophisticated multiplayer mode (akin to SF Assault). And please come up with a brand new story that makes the characters more interesting and allows the series to actually grow.

With the official release of Star Fox 2 comes a great opportunity to make a new game that focuses more on the female characters. Krystal is still very popular and demanded by the fans. Having her on the Star Fox team, along with Miyu and Fay, would induce a lot of hype.

Mr. Miyamoto has said that he wants Star Fox to be more popular. To make that happen, he needs to bring the very divided fanbase together. All the fans from the GameCube era have been ignored for many years. Both SF Adventures & Assault added interesting things to the series and its lore. Krystal's backstory on Cerinia could be really helpful in fleshing out the Star Fox universe. Her origins go beyond the Lylat System. Yet her mysterious race of telepaths with magical powers could still be a critical factor in Andross' plans to build his telekinetic amplifier and later revive himself.

As you can see, Star Fox could be so much more than a mere on-rails shooter. These days, it needs to be more than that. Nintendo, it's time to use SF's true potential rather than ignoring most of it. Even in terms of promoting the series, a lot more could be done. How about some new merchandise for the female characters? A good approach to promote a potential sequel featuring all the characters would be the release of new Amiibos. Additionally, making Krystal playable in Smash would be a wise move as well. Not only has she been a highly requested character since pre-Brawl (even suggested by pro players), but it would also help Star Fox gain more attention. Is there a better way to make a series more popular than adding a new & unique rep in Smash?

All that's left to say is: Give Star Fox another chance, leave the 90s behind, and allow the series to move with the times!