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Borderlands 3 on Nintendo Switch

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We all know the "game-became-coolness" a.k.a. Borderlands (3) is in development.

And many would like to play it on their Nintendo Switch console. Sadly, it had already been said that there will be no Borderlands on Nintendo Switch. I (we) think that this is a bad decision, because the game doesn't take much graphic power thanks its timeless graphics which is perfect for the Switch. Imagine if we could play it anywhere! Even on toilet! 

Many people would buy it for the switch and thats sure. We, the gamer community, want you, Nintendo and 2kGames/Take-Two Interactive (which is even a 3rd-party developer for the Switch) to seriously consider a port of the new Borderlands for the Switch.

Thank you for your patience and *insertcoolborderlandsquoteherebecauseicantfigureoneout*

Also sorry if my english is not always correct.

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