Nintendo and Gamefreak: Remake Pokémon Saphire and Ruby and/or Emerald on Nintendo 3DS.

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Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire were the best selling Game Boy Advance games, with over 13 million copies sold. But there are still many people who have not been able to enjoy the magic of this games. While others want to relieve this adventure once more, in a newer system, to experience the magic of the game in a whole new way. The past generation have also met a remake, in the most recent pokémon generations. Though the Generation 3 games have been left aside and still haven't gotten a remake. Now it is a good time to remake them. The Main Pokémon games have entered the 3D era, and a remake in 3D of the Generation 3 games would bring a whole new depth to this already great games. Experiencing the Hoenn region for 3D for the first time, breathing new air to the games, and bring new fans into the series.

Fans have also being asking for this remakes for quite sometime now. So now that Pokémon have entered the 3D era, it is the perfect time to give it to the fans. Since it will be the first time we will see a old game, in a way, in 3D. The power of the 3DS could be exploited, to do this, and to do even more. The Hoenn region could be shown in a whole new manner, showing all of its natural beauty in 3D. The beauty of the Hoenn Region, in 3D would bring the already beautiful game, to a whole new level of beauty.


New things could also be added in this remake. All of those things that weren't able to be putted in the Gameboy Advance version can be putted in this remake. New features, that couldn't be in the old, and new features exclusive to this 3DS remake.


The Generation 3 games could become a prime example of what old Pokémon games could look today, and along the new Pokémon X and Y could be a great example of how the Pokémon series have entered the era of 3D gaming.


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