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@NikkiHaley, @USUN: Don't let Theresa May whitewash Saudi war crimes

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Reuters reports that the UN Security Council is considering a British proposal to praise Saudi Arabia for pledging money to ease Yemen’s humanitarian crisis, even though UN experts accuse Saudi Arabia of using “the threat of starvation as an instrument of war” in Yemen.

The draft statement apparently does not demand that Saudi Arabia “completely” end its blockade of “food, fuel, water and medicine” entering Yemen, as President Trump has, nor does it demand the immediate cessation of hostilities in Yemen, as the White House has.

UK Labour Party shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry has demanded that UK Prime Minister Theresa May stop “bowing and scraping” to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the chief architect of the Saudi bombardment and blockade of Yemen, ahead of his controversial visit to London next month, condemning the “red carpet treatment” expected to be offered to MBS when he meets with the British prime minister. Unfortunately, Theresa May’s “bowing and scraping” to the Saudi dictator is extending to the UN Security Council, where the UK is the “penholder” in charge of Security Council resolutions on Yemen, despite the UK’s extreme bias in favor of protecting Saudi Arabia's war crimes.

Sign our petition to urge US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley and Members of Congress to oppose Theresa May’s efforts to whitewash Saudi war crimes in Yemen, and to insist that the UN Security Council call for completely ending the Saudi blockade of Yemen and for immediate ceasefire, as President Trump and the White House have.

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