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Healthcare NOT Wealthcare

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1) We want the Government to put in place a Policy that will demand every health care institution ( both government and private) to provide FREE First Aid Care to Emergency Victims, Resuscitate and Stabilize the patient before making financial demands or referral in the case of patient inability to afford the service provider.

2) we want the Government to ensure Primary Health Care centers are indeed able to provide quality and affordable health care.

Access to QUALITY Healthcare is a universal human right and NOT a privilege as the case is in our country today.

Just as we cannot choose our race, skin colour or the homes we are born into, likewise we cannot choose the challenges or ailments we are faced with in life.

Poor people did not choose to be born poor, neither should they lose their lives from preventable causes.

The wealth of any nation is its people, and the health of its people is the wealth of the Nation.

Everyday single day, 145 women in Nigeria die from complications resulting from pregnancy and childbirth. (Preventable causes)
Each year 950,000 infants and 2300 under five mortality are recorded from preventable causes.

As you read this, a child, a man, a woman just lost his/her life from a preventable cause.

We demand an EFFECTIVE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM ESPECIALLY AT THE PRIMARY HEALTHCARE LEVEL, we demand that EVERY HEALTHCARE INSTITUTION AS PART OF ITS CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY(CSR), BE MADE TO GIVE FREE FIRST AID IN EMERGENCY CASES before referring clients to other Healthcare facility if the client cannot afford the health facility he/she is being managed at.

It is our right as citizens of this country to have access to QUALITY AND AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE.

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