The Silent Majority want an Independent Scotland

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On 21/01/2019 The Scotsman ran an article by Scott Macnab saying there is no appetite for a second referendum on Scottish Independence (and to be fair it is not the only article or newspaper taking that tone) We, the undersigned do declare this to be a blatant falsehood. I urge you to add your name to this petition so that those in the mainstream media and our politicians can comprehend that we will not be silenced.


This goes beyond political parties. We the undersigned refuse to be tied to a nation intent on ignoring and even stifling our voices. No longer will we go to London hat in hand politely stating our opinion for it to be completely and utterly disregarded. We voted to stay in the European Union, and yet we are being dragged out against our will. It is time to end this farce of a union. We have lost our patience with and our trust in the government of England.

We the undersigned demand to be heard. Freedom NOW. Independence NOW. We will not stand by while our children are robbed of the opportunity to live, work and study in the European Union. It is our responsibility to speak for them... to be able to look them in the eye 20 years from now and say we did NOT stand by with our hands clasped behind our backs while the English government bartered away their future.

We, the silent majority, will be silent no longer. Nicola Sturgeon we demand you call an independence referendum as soon as possible. Let those who are scared of the future- who say we cannot be an independent nation- look to Iceland, Norway and Faroe who all split from Denmark when they were far poorer and in a far worse position than Scotland currently stands in, and not only survived but THRIVED as independent nations.

Nicola Sturgeon, we the undersigned may not all be SNP voters, but you have our support to call a referendum on Scottish independence as soon as possible.


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