Break the cycle of poverty, child exploitation and trafficking in Glasgow

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For many years, children, young people and women have been subject to exploitation, sexualised, trafficked and exposed to a range of issues that they should not be in 2020.

In recent years in Govanhill and other communities across Glagsow and other cities across the UK too many children, young people and families are subjected to violence, injustices and life limiting experiences.

The sites I’ve documented, the slum style housing, the visible squalor, unhygienic living standards, drug paraphernalia, rats, waste, human excrement in abhorrent.

The stories from local residents, shop keepers, professionals, care workers, health workers is overwhelming that historical issues, still exist and are prevalent in the lives of children, young people and families.

This must stop and action start to change it.   A multi-agency task force must take action with Health, Social, Housing, Government, Politicians, Police need to be visible on the streets to witness, log and action offences.  Cleaning needs to take place, education needs to happen. People need long term support via multi-layered support to make their communities safe for everyone, especially the most vulnerable in our cities.

Children need protecting, and are being exposed to a range of issues and experiences that will effect their life chances and opportunities.

help me to fix the problem and make the decision makers take notice to these issues