Nickelodeon should make a Loud House spinoff with the gender-swap dimension

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We've all seen what it's like to be a boy with 10 sisters, but what about a girl with 10 brothers? The scene in the Loud House episode "One of that Boys" where Lincoln ends up in a dimension where he is a girl who has 10 brothers was my favorite scene from the entire show and it is something that we really need to see more of. Lincoln may had a tough time living 10 brothers but probably would be less problematic if he were a girl.

While Linka's relationship with her brothers would be the same as Lincoln's relationship with his sister. While each sibling's key personality remain the same as their original gender counterpart, the interests of each one would be different, with the exception of Lynn who is pretty much the same as his original female self. For example, Lola Loud is into princesses, beauty pageants, and other girly interests. Lola's male counterpart Lexx, on the other hand may be more into pretending he's a prince or king, politics, and dreams of running for president, basically I see Lexx as Donald Trump as a 6-year-old. Lexx's twin brother Leif is basically just a tougher version of Lana, Lola's twin sister. There are also a lot of possibilities of what could you do with a girl with ten brothers rather than a boy with 10 sisters like maybe have an episode where Linka gets a zit and her brothers try to help or an episode where Linka is having boy problems with a boy she is dating. It would also be nice to see alternate gender version of some of the recurring characters on the show like Clyde, Ronnie Anne, and Bobby.

I also really loved the voice casting of the 4 oldest brothers(mostly for Seth Green, Greg Cipes, and Rob Paulson) and they should definitely reprise their roles for this spinoff. Also this series idea is nothing like those gender-swap episodes of Adventure Time, which were just satirizing the idea of fanfiction and weren't meant to be taken seriously. This idea is basically the concept of The Loud House but with the gender roles reversed. So if you love The Loud House and love that scene in the episode "One of the Boys", then please sign my petition.