Allow children to trade in Pokémon Go

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Recently Niantic rolled out new features to Pokémon GO that allowed trainers to trade Pokémon and add other trainers as friends. For whatever reason they have chosen to not include children under the age of 13 in this new feature. While I can appreciate there may be restrictions legally put in place to protect children from unwanted contact from strangers, I believe that Niantic could have done a better job of managing this. I know of lots of parents who play with their children that are considering quitting the game because they cannot trade with their children. Some of the children are of course brokenhearted, it makes no sense to have all these features out to adult players but not to children for whom the game was supposedly designed. Please Niantic, put some thought into how you can modify the game to allow children to take part in trading and adding friends while still protecting them from strangers who would do them harm.